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In VHDL, what is with select, and what is the proper syntax?

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VHDL With Select

Quick Syntax

with mux_sel select output <=
input1 when '0',
input2 when '1',
(others => '0') when others;


The most common use for the with select statement is to a create a multiplexer, or MUX. The with is in reference to a select signal, which then determines the selection of the output signal, as the input options are then laid out given specific selects.

I usually never come across a with select statement. Frankly, the when else statement is so much easier to code, read, and maintain that it's used 99.9% of the time over with select.

Perhaps there is an advantage of with select, but I have never been able to come up with any. My recommendation is to use when else instead.

Best Practices

1. With select statements are great for creating a MUX.

2. Make sure that all of the select signal possibilities are covered. It's a good idea to also cover a when others as a catch all just in case.

3. When else is a better option since it's much easier to read for everyone.
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Example :

signal selector : std_logic_vector ( 1 downto 0 ) ;
signal output : std_logic_vector( 3 downto 0 ) ;

with selector select
output <=
"0001" when "00" ,
"0010" when "01" ,
"0100" when "10" ,
"1000" when "11" ;
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This is a concurrent conditional signal assignment statement. While the concurrent assignment "when-else" is a kind of if-else the assignment "with-select" is like a case statement. I think it has better readability when a choice is more than a few inputs.

with state select result <=
in0 when state_0,
in1 when state_1,
in2 when state_2,
in3 when others;
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