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What is a generate statement in Verilog and how do I use it?

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Generate statements is the Verilog construction that is used to either conditionally or instantiate multiple generate blocks into a model. A generate block is a collection of one or more module items. This is a powerful tool for parameterizing and configuring the module's architecture and of simplifying its implementation. I use it to create a needed IP cores set, to configure a set of modules, to scale a homogenious structure, to select either a data processing algorithm or protocols etc.

There are two kinds of generate statement constructions: loops and conditionals. The loop generate statement allows a single generate block to be instantiated into a model multiple times. The conditional generate statement includes an either if-generate or case-generate construct and instantiate at most one generate block from a set of alternative generate blocks. All these blocks can nest and branch. Any if-genearte block may include other if-generate blocks, case-generate blocks or loop generate blocks and vice versa in many various combinations

The keywords generate and endgenerate may be used (and is better to use it) in a module to define a generate region. A generate region is a textual span in the module description where generate constructs (or statements) may appear.


if (index_cnt_delay > 1) begin //
always @(posedge clk_i) index_cnt_line <= {index_cnt_line[index_cnt_delay-2:0], index_cnt[5:0]};
else begin
always @(posedge clk_i) index_cnt_line[0] <= index_cnt[5:0];
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There are two kinds of generate statements: generate loops and conditional generate. Genrealized syntax of generate statement is given as:

[ genvar_declaration ]
Genvar is a variable and the index used for the generate statement. The index tells us the number of times the block will be generated. Generate scheme indicates whether it is a generate loop or conditional generate.

Example code of a loop generate is given as:
genvar i;
for (i = 0; i < 10; i = i + 1)
begin : gen
initial $display("%d", i);
An example code for a conditional generate is:
if (A < B)
Mult1 u1 (A, B, Q);
Mult2 u1 (A, B, Q);
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