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What is the best way to learn Verilog?

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The same as for VHDL and for any other language. The best way to learn Verilog is while working with it. You need real tasks to understand what to do with Verilog. You have got a task, you have got a book or have found a good resource like this website - look to the book/resource and make your task. But at first you need to learn some basics of theory of binary circuitry, logic, binary mathematics, and other digital design basics.

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The best way to learn Verilog is to get a good book for Verilog beginners and start learning with basics. It is important that each new command you learn, you test it out for yourself on a simulator. Xilinx is a good choice to work on. The benefit of using a book is that it is written in a systematic manner and gradually builds up the difficulty level. If you try to learn online, it is usually hard for beginners to learn in a systematic way because they don't know the sequence in which they should learn the commands. However, if you find an online course or a tutorial website that covers the Verilog language in a systematic way, starting from easier steps and slowly builds up to a more advanced level then go for it.

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