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What is a Verilog compiler and what are the best ones?

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A Verilog compiler is a software tool that parses Verilog code, checks syntax while parsing, translates to or builds (depends on realization details) an internal representation based on parsed data, checks compile errors in regards with the Verilog standard. This internal representation is then passed to simulation kernel.

Sometimes you need to build a design to a needed fabric and you will need to work with vendor-dependant compilers. I mostly prefer Modelsim, but Xilinx, Altera/Intel, Synospsys provide a good Verilog compilation tools and Verilog compilers.

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A compiler naturally compiles the verilog code to be executable and ready for simulation. Some of them compile and also synthesize the code to hardware considering a specified hardware platform like FPGAs. The most powerful and popular compiler is Modelsim from Mentor Graphics.

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